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  • Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey

3 things.. Advertising & Marketing

This week Tamsyn shares some wise words about Advertising and Marketing.

1. Build up your sales force. In my business, 95% of new business comes from word of mouth referrals, not just from existing clients, but from networking groups I’m part of. I've built up these relationships through consistent attendance at events, and now a lot of people know me well enough to know when our business is right for someone they meet.

2. As a small business, social media is a great way to start, and means we have an easier way in than the bigger businesses who have to pay for advertising. Find small business Facebook groups where you can advertise your services/offers/blogs/events (ensuring you stay within the rules!) – this is all free and gets your brand out there. And utilise platforms such as Instagram to get your brand spread across a wider audience – using hashtags, and, if you’re geographically-restricted (or wish to target audiences more locally for any reason), make sure you use geo-tagging.

3. If you wish to go down the route of paid advertising on social media platforms and/or print, ensure you ask people their experiences of it first, and if necessary, hire a professional. My first few attempts at Facebook advertising were absolutely dreadful, and I would never do it again without outsourcing it to a professional! This applies to Google AdWords – in all instances, don’t part with your money unless you know it is going to be effective.

Our business thrives on referrals, so if you know of anyone struggling with their bookkeeping or accountancy responsibilities, please do send them our way and see if we can help! We would be most grateful. Thank you, Tamsyn#threethings #3things #advertising #marketing #smallbusiness #startup