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  • Rosie Morley

3 things I wish someone had told me about work/family life balance

We all want to know the secret formula to the perfect work/family life balance right? Tamsyn shares her top 3 things that she wishes someone had told her before she started Seed Accounting Solutions.

1. The first step is to work out your roles in life. My main 4 are: mum, wife, business owner and daughter. Then order these roles in priority. This doesn't mean they are the priorities for the rest of your life, but for the next year/2 years/5 years. This will help you remember WHY you are doing what you are doing! And also enable you to arrange your time effectively.

2. Utilise systems and processes to ensure that your time away from your business is actually TIME AWAY. Kids hate nothing more when you sit down to play a game with them, than for you to answer a work call, reply to an email etc. I personally utilise a number of tools to help manage this: a call answering service enables me to divert calls when I'm busy, but ensures someone answers the call. I also utilise an appointment scheduling software that I give to all my clients - this enables them to schedule calls with me at a convenient time to them - it syncs with my calendar, and I set up blocks of time where I am willing to accept calls. You also have to be strict with yourself about responding to text messages/instant messages in your downtime - ask yourself whether it requires an 'instant' response, or it can wait until you're sitting down at work.

3. Time block. You probably hear it all the time nowadays - it's a popular one. But that's because it works. And it takes time getting used to. To start with, at the beginning of each week, I dump everything that needs doing onto a sheet of paper and categorise it A, B or C according to the urgency. 'A's get done straight away, 'B's have to be done this week, and 'C's usually drop off as I realise they really aren't necessary! I make sure I set aside 3 90-minute slots a week to work ON my business (social media, marketing, blogs, finances etc), then 5 hours a week spent on client work. Everything else fits in around that. Those are non-negotiable blocks - they can be moved around depending on appointments, but they NEVER get deleted. This ensures I get these things done in working time, and by the end of the week. I then put all the tasks I set myself at the beginning of the week into these blocks of time and know that I will get them done. Everything else can wait.

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