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  • Rosie Morley

3 Things that were announced at Xerocon 2019 that will benefit our clients.

Pay with Transferwise - this is one of the BIGGEST announcements that has come in recent years, and one I know will really make a gamechanging difference to so many business owners. With this new integration, you'll be able to select a number of purchase invoices that you want to be paid in Xero, and they'll get paid from your bank account - no more logging in and making 20 payments in one go, just a few clicks, one transfer from your bank account to your Transferwise account and BAM, everything gets paid in seconds.

Xero Insights - this is a very basic snapshot of where your business is. For anyone who isn't a client of ours (and thus has access to Flow from Futrli), this will help give you a real time picture of the performance of your business, with basic cashflow insights. It is great that Xero has recognised the importance of this feature. Having chatted with Futrli after this announcement, we are confident that Flow is still a more developed product, with better insights, but Xero Insights is a good starting point for anyone who is a Xero customer, but not one of ours!

Hubdoc integration - last year Xero announced they had acquired Hubdoc. They are now almost finished with the full integration of Hubdoc into the core Xero product. It is an additional subscription, but again, for anyone who isn't a client of ours (and therefore has access to Receipt Bank), Hubdoc is a great way to streamline your bookkeeping, save on data entry time, and get your Saturday evenings back - take a look here. We have chosen as a practice to remain with Receipt Bank as it provides more connections, and our clients are happy with it - running a business is stressful enough without having to get to grips with yet more software!