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  • Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey

3 things you should know about Cashflow

1. Don't get a loan because your cashflow is rubbish. A loan just fills a hole and doesn't address the problem. If you're making a loss and you've got negative cashflow, it's because you're not managing your finances properly. Cut costs, or increase sales. (this is not the case for large scale startups with lots of equipment/staffing/development costs)

2. Got unpaid invoices? Get them in. If you're sitting on £10k of outstanding invoices and you can't pay your VAT bill, no point putting all your resources onto bringing in sales when you could do no extra work and just get paid for work you've ALREADY done. Once you've got the money in, work out ways to help your clients pay faster/more easily/escape not paying.

3. If you've got lots of large outstanding supplier payments, see if you can negotiate paying them off over a period of time. Try to make it affordable so that you don't cripple yourself.

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