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  • Rosie Morley

3 top tips to prepare yourself for the end of the tax year

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

As the end of the current tax years draws to a close and a new one begins, Tamysn offers some top advice about how you can get yourself ready to submit your Tax Return way before the January deadline.

1. Get your books in order BEFORE the end of the tax year. Regardless of what system you're using, you need to make sure it is up to date. Make sure all your invoices are logged, make sure your purchases are logged.

2. Get all your utility bills and mortgage statements together to calculate your use of home allowance.

3. Update your mileage log - business miles are 45p per mile in a car, 24p for a motorcycle, 20p for a push bike. All business mileage for places that are not a commuting journey are allowed.

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