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  • Rosie Morley

Three things I wish someone had told me about Learning & Development

1. I have kids, so reading is not an easy task. I used to be a person that devoured books. And now I’m lucky if I read one novel a year (normally in one week whilst I’m camping and I don’t have a TV to veg out in front of!) But back in the early days of my business, someone recommended a book to me about how to say what you mean (Drop the Pink Elephant by Bill McFarlan) and there started my personal and professional development journey. I realised the importance of continuous learning if I wanted to succeed in life and in my business.

2. But there is no point in reading all this information if you’re not going to implement it. And it’s very easy to get entirely consumed in the running of your business, to the point that you are constantly chasing your tail and not getting anywhere. And that is where the benefit of being told to set aside time each week to work ON your business comes into play. When I read in the E-Myth about the importance of working on my business rather than in it, alongside someone who spends 90 minutes a day working on their business, I decided I needed to take action. So now I have 3 slots of 90 minutes scheduled into my diary each week to work ON my business, and do nothing else. This is the time I use to either read, implement or develop my business.

3. Finally, never assume you know everything in your work. Attending my accountancy body’s annual conference for the first time was amazing. Eye-opening, inspiring, and also reassuring being in a room full of other accountants, I learnt so much, both technical accountancy information and business-running information. I also go to training sessions, seminars and online I read blogs, watch webinars and listen to podcasts to keep my learning up to date, current, and I also get to meet other like-minded people with similar goals.

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